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RuPaul’s All Stars Untucked! Episode 1: ‘It Takes Two’ Review

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Warning: This post contains spoilers. I recommend reading after you’ve watched the episode! 

Let me start off by saying: this season of Untucked looks fierce the house down! I am so ready for this. After watching the little “coming up this season” montage at the start of the first episode, I was already gagged.  #Werk. I noticed Tatiana from Season 2 featuring in one of the episodes via video-link, which looks to be hilarious: “thank you.

So, first things first, Team Latrila and Team Rujubee enter the brand new All Stars Lounge after Ru crowned them the winners and runners-up of this week’s challenge. (I prefered it when it was called the Interior Illusions Lounge but whatever, I guess Ru‘s just mixing it all up a little for this season!) Of course, they have drinks from Absolut as always – amazing product placement hunty – and they talk about their task. One of the best quotes from Latrice at this moment is: “Where is Jesus? I need him to sop me up!” obviously because they were all drenched with water for their photoshoot. Both teams agree that Team Yarlexis will be in the bottom-two, having to lip-sync for their life, because they thought they didn’t interpret the specifications of the task correctly. I agree with this opinion as I mentioned in my main show review that I thought Yarlexis were weaker than Mandora.

Both teams then go on to discuss the fate that brought Pandora and Mimi together. I mean, they both had very similar dresses with the exact colour scheme – they were meant to be together! I think Pandora knew, deep down, that her and Mimi were in the same ‘category’, like campy/comedy but her mind was just so stuck on her dramatic and controversial exit in season 3 and she just didn’t want to be associated with that. “They are each other’s sister.” After this, they proceed to pick on Mimi, which was unfair at that moment in time as she wasn’t there to hold her corner. Latrice mentioned that she gagged as soon as Mimi walked into the workroom on the first day out of the shock.

Willam, Raven and Jujubee

Willam, Raven and Jujubee in the Gold Bar

Team Latrila and Team Rujubee then get invited by RuPaul to go into the Gold Bar where a  surprise awaits them in their “big, pink, fluffy box.” Behind the actual bar in the Gold Bar pops out Season 4‘s Willam! She’s looking like “p$%sy on fire”! Then, all five of the queens in the room play a game of ‘Kill, Marry, F%&k‘ with each of the other current contestants. HILARIOUS. The funniest part was when Raven suddenly said, “I would f%&k Tammie Brown.” The whole room GAGGED. “That was exactly what doggystyle was made for.” I love it. Jujubee also said, in reference to Latrice, “Once you black, you in a wheelchair! I’ve always wanted to be pushed around, darling.” OMG, I just love Juju so much.

Back in the All Stars Lounge, the remaining teams entered and immediately started spilling the T on their judges critiques. Shannel said that she thought her team would be in the bottom two, and Chad agreed with this. THEN, during the group’s serious discussion, Mimi takes off her gown, revealing another outfit. Here, everyone accused her of trying too hard to fit in a conforming to the norm. I don’t think Mimi should have done that because it did draw a lot of negative attention on her, but then again, it wasn’t right that the entire room victimised her. THEN someone brought up the drama surrounding Mimi getting hired by a club that Alexis worked in, which lead to her losing her job. This is kind of irrelevant and was just another excuse for everyone to jump on her back. AND THEN Raven disputes the viewer ratings for each contestant and how Mimi was voted 3rd out of the 50 queens who have competed and says she doesn’t have many fans. This all lead to Mimi leaving the room and going out the back of the studio. During all of the arguing, Shannel tells Pandora that she looked totally blank in her ‘Half-Baked‘ image with Mimi. I agree with her on this and I think Pandora was just really bitter about being paired with Mimi and I think it was Pandora’s nonacceptance that meant they had to sashay away.

Raven reading Mimi Imfurst

Raven reading Mimi Imfurst in the All Stars Lounge

Outside the studio, Mimi was clearly upset when Pandora approached her. I thought Pandora was going to rupologize but instead she told Mimi, “My chances are f&%ked.” I think Pandora was mostly the blame for why Team Mandora sashayed away because, if I was her, I would have pushed the button during the lip-sync! The fact that she just let Mimi ruin both of their chances made me think that Pandora had given up which is something that an All Star does not do!

A great first episode with plenty of shade being thrown for us! Good luck to both Pandora Boxx and Mimi Imfurst in the future!!

R xo


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