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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 Episode 10: ‘Super Troopers’ Review


Warning: This post contains spoilers. I recommend reading after you’ve watched the episode!

Alyssa Edwards’ elimination left the girls feeling relief to say the least — she was a fierce contender! Coco Montrese, in particular, felt like a weight had been lifted off her. Maybe she’ll be able to up her game without letting past dramas play on her mind. The girls also talk about how Jinkx Monsoon is the biggest threat to all of them and they all seem to be plotting to her her eliminated!Troopers

It’s a new day and the top 5 were introduced to this week’s mini challenge by RuPaul — to keep them in shape, Ru invited them to Drag Booty Camp! They put on their workout gear including heels and boobs and met their personal trainer — Storm! *blushes*

The queens basically had to workout until the last one is standing. Alaska won after finally being pitted against Jinkx.



This week’s challenge was to transform gay veterans into drag queens! As well as this, they must create a patriotic, flag twirling routine. As Alaska won, she got to pair the queens up with the newbies.

Alaska paired the girls up — very strategically! Of course, she got the prettiest one and gave the slightly older and bigger man to Jinkx! RuPaul told the girls that she, as ever, was looking for a family resemblance.Super Troopers

Detox flirted sooo much with the guy he was paired up with and he also showed some talents with walking in heels! Roxxxy Andrews seemed a little pissed that her guy was hairy!

Alaska struggled with making hip pads over a conversation with her veteran about his life. RuPaul visited each of the pairs, talking about their plans for the challenge and also discussed the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell issues.

The girls all got time to rehearse their routines on the main stage and they all seemed to experience a few problems! I don’t think they really knew how to flag twirl… One of the highlights of this episodes was watching Coco’s partner tuck his junk! Ouch!

Detox and Beth Adone

Detox and Beth Adone

Joining RuPaul on the main stage was Michelle Visage and Santino Rice as well as Clinton Kelly and George Kotsiopoulos!

Roxxxy and Isabella Andrews’ flag performance went really well, however Detox dropped the flag and was hit in the head during her and Beth Adone’s performance. Coco and Horchata Montrese seemed to turn it out and Alaska and Nebraska kinda confused the judges! Jinkx and Fortuna Monsoon also impressed the judges!

My favourite runway presentations this week were Roxxxy and Isabella Andrews, Alaska and Nebraska and Coco and Horchata Montrese!

Jinkx and Fortuna Monsoon

Jinkx and Fortuna Monsoon


Alaska and Nebraska

Alaska and Nebraska

Jinkx was complimented on her routine and overall transformation of her partner and Roxxxy was given top marks for making her partner look like a sister! Alaska was read on her ‘lumpy’ padding and boots which I think were fabulous! Detox was critiqued on her sloppy flag performance and Coco was told it seemed like she gave her drag sister scraps for her outfit.

Coco and Horchata Montrese

Coco and Horchata Montrese


Detox and Beth Adone

Detox and Beth Adone

Roxxxy and Isabella Andrews

Roxxxy and Isabella Andrews

Roxxxy Andrews was announced the winner of this week’s challenge! The bottom two, however, were Coco Montrese and Detox!

The lip-sync song this week was Seduction – Two To Make It Right and they were both sickening! Both lip-syncs were soo on point and they both worked the stage! It must have been such a hard decision for Ru!

The final decision was that Coco Montrese was to sashay away! I wasn’t expecting it!

R xo


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