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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 Episode 12: ‘The Final Three, Hunty’ Review

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Warning: This post contains spoilers. I recommend reading after you’ve watched the episode!

After Detox was eliminated last week, Roxxxy Andrews appeared to start picking on Jinkx Monsoon all over again. Alaska made confident statements about coming back in full force and Jinkx maintained her dignity  announcing that she wasn’t going to stop until the very end.

The final challenge was introduced by none other than the gorgeous Michelle Visage, as RuPaul was busy making preparations for the girls. The final week’s tasks included a dramatic courtroom skit with Mother Ru as the judge and the girls performing all the parts each, including a prosecutor, a defense attorney and a defendant. As well as this, the girls would be shooting the official video for RuPaul’s song ‘The Beginning’ with director Mathu Andersen and choreographer Candis Cayne! Finally, the girls, on the main stage, must defend their life and convince the judges and the world that they should be America’s Next Drag Superstar! Busy busy!Roxxxy

The  girl will get one-on-one time with Gloria Allred to shape their stories and they will also get a lunch with RuPaul!

Candis Cayne began choreorgraphy with the girl. This year, with her seductive goddess theme, she taught the girls Chiffonography and also Hairography. Alaska immediatley appeared to be getting nervous and struggled with the chiffon and also the wigs with the wind machine. Roxxxy had a really good start and Jinkx accidentally flipped her wig after Candis told her: “think more Beyonce, less Cousin It.”Jinkx Monsoon

On the set of the ‘The Beginning’ music video, Jinkx and Roxxxy’s wigs got attached in the flurry of chaos! Jinkx outshone the girls as she had fun with the scene. Alaska’s afro wasn’t really fitting with the scene so she looked a little awkward. Mathu then played the track at double speed, to create a dramatic slo-mo effect in the video and the girls looked sickening! Except Alaska – she was having trouble with the chiffon in her face again!

The girls did their group dance routine and Alaska dropped her chiffon while Roxxxy and Jinkx made really good efforts!

RuPaul's lunch

Gloria Allred sat down and kiki’d with the girls. With Alaska, she told her to believe in herself and to have more confidence. Roxxxy gave Gloria a very pageant answer, so she helped her ‘keep it real.’  Finally, Gloria tried to help Jinkx make herself seem above her competitors.

Ru’s lunches (only tic-tacs were on the menu) with the girls were very insightful as she had heartfelt conversations with each of the final three girls. Jinkx discussed her childhood, Alaska talked about her relationship with Sharon and Roxxxy talked about representing for the big girls.RuPaul and Jinkx

For the courtroom scene with RuPaul, directed by Mathu Andersen, each of Roxxxy’s three characters seemed to blur into one another. Jinkx was very solid in her characterisations and Alaska was not too far behind!RuPaul

Back in the workroom, Roxxxy Andrews exploded and lashed out at Jinkx Monsoon, complaining that she was sick of having to do comedy as she is a pageant queen. Jinkx seemed to think it was because she was feeling bitter as her performance was poor.

The next day, a tiff broke out between the two. Jinkx talked about how important comedy was to drag, whereas Roxxxy lashed back mentioning that she takes drag ‘seriously.’ Roxxxy came across as really bitter as she was teasing Jinkx. I’m glad Alaska stayed out of it!

On the main stage, RuPaul graced the runway with no other judges but Michelle Visage and Santino Rice.Michelle Visage

Roxxxy’s runway outfit was definitely my favourite of hers from the entire season – she was very glamourous and her body shaped was perfect! Jinkx looked very Disney princess and radiated beauty, and Alaska looked stunning in a high-fashion, white laced gown.

Roxxxy was commended by the judges on her outfit choice and also her sex-appeal in the music video, however they mentioned that her courtroom characters all blended slightly. Jinkx’s dress wasn’t the judges favourites, however they said her face looked good and she looked like she felt beautiful! Michelle loved Alaska’s outfit and she was given a positive response on her courtroom characters and her music video performance.Jinkx Alaska Roxxxy

Next up was the queen’s closing arguments where they had to defend their life. Roxxxy was very confident and produced an inspirational speech. Jinkx’s case was very intimate and personal and she seemed very down-to-earth. When Jinkx finished, Roxxxy strangely decided to apologies for what she said to her in the workroom. This just made her look like she was trying to redeem herself and to make herself look better in front of the judges. It wasn’t cute! Finally, Alaska’s speech was not emotional or personal. However she did do exactly as she was told in reading her competition, and she made sickening statements about herself!RuPaul

After the judges discussed the girls in private, they came to the conclusion that is was a very close battle and a hard decision to choose a winner!

It was time for a three-way Lip Sync For Your Life! This was their last chance to prove to Ru and the world that they are America’s Next Drag Superstar. The final song was Rupaul – The Beginning and each of the girls equally shined!Jinkx

At the end, RuPaul told the girls that she hadn’t made a decision, leaving it until the Reunion show in two weeks. She invited fans of Drag Race (that’s us!!!) to help her decide on a winner by going to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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